About Us

The fact that you are here shows that you are curious to know about our story and I being one of the 4 founders of NEXA, believe that I am the right person to tell you!

The obvious question is What is NEXAPHASE? But an even more important question is why does NEXAPHASE exist? Why did we start this company?

To answer that we will have to go back in 2019. We, the 4 founders, graduated from engineering & had good offers from different companies. We started our careers with decent packages, and everything seems to be going well. But soon we realized that something was missing. Money was not the issue, Satisfaction was. It just did not feel right! We were so confused back then. We spent hours on the phone and made many trips to meet each other to decide on what to do.

We started our struggles in Homagama We somehow decided that we would do something different than the others. We started researching, designing and developing Without any expertise in those, market study or timeline. But always we got advice from our god father. We are very Lucky to meet him. With his guidance, we struggled for 1 long year and finally arrived at a fresh point with hope.

During these 12 months, we realize there many students, individuals, companies and other organizations which needed electronic hardware products. These products were not commonly available in Sri Lanka and it was too expensive and difficult to source them from abroad. It stuck to us that even we have faced the same issue when we were hustling for developing our own Machines.

We decided to broad our business. That was our Eureka Moment.

With a little bit of planning and some hard-earned money from our parents and ours, NexaPhase was born in 2020 as an E-commerce platform named NEXATRONICS for all kinds of electronic hardware, components, Robotic, mechanical and DIY products.

There are many hopes, which we must revived. NexaTronic is the startup of Nexaphase. We will meet and help you in future with different way. Until that it will secrete 4 of us.

But, getting NexaPhase to a position it is today was not a cakewalk. It had its own challenges. But that 1 long years of repeated failures & struggles helped us immensely to take NesaPhase from 4 persons team to what it is today.

Today, Sri Lanka is taking giant strides forward. Innovation is at the forefront & the people who are making this revolution happen are makers and innovators. NesaPhase exists to support and accelerate this Maker’s Revolution and play a part in taking Sri Lanka ahead.

I would end this by a few lines

Be different, but never give up your hopes!


NexaPhase (Pvt) Ltd,


Sri Lanka.

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